This site is powered by Booodl to help the physical retail industry thrive.

Ever tried to search for a store selling the product you want when out and about? It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With a blindfold on. The process works seamlessly online for e-commerce, but finding the right store offline is near impossible. Every day, millions of people walk past stores where they can buy what they want, and they don’t even know it.

It’s the Booodl mission to fix that by making sure stores and brands are optimised for location centric search and discovery.

Booodl will make it simple for shoppers to find the right store selling what they want, help stores drive shopper visits and sales when people nearby want what they sell, and enable brands to increase the discoverability of their stockists.

Where are we at right now? Booodl will help you find the right store based on the brand and category of product you’re after via our iOS app, Android app or website. It’s the first step of our grand plan: being able to find the right store, down to the size, colour and inventory level. You should be able to ask Siri “where can I buy Nike Air Max size 9 nearby that takes Amex?” and receive a curated list of stores matching your request. That’s the vision. And remember; before retailers organised the data on websites to be indexed by search engines, you couldn’t find the right online retailer selling what you wanted! It works beautifully today, and Booodl will do the same for physical retail.