Store Discovery Optmisation

Helping physical retail thrive

Store Discovery optimisation (SDO) is all about helping physical retail stores and brands get discovered.

Contrary to popular discourse, the ‘future of retail’ is not e-commerce; bricks-and-mortar stores will continue to play an essential role in driving the vast majority of sales. While online retail has taken the spotlight, 90% of retail trade in Australia is still through physical stores.

It’s also better for the world – every day millions of people walk past stores selling products they want, and they don’t even know it. Why? There is no global directory of stores listing all the stocked brands and products, which makes it hard to find stores that sell what you actually want.

Stores need to be easier to find based on the products they sell, to remain relevant in a digital world. SDO ensures the right store is found by the right shopper wanting to buy their products. This increases shopper visits and sales, meaning the physical retail ecosystem can continue to thrive. 

This website is powered by Booodl; the tool that saves shoppers time by helping them find the right store. Booodl also provides better store discovery for retail stores, and helps brands by increasing the discoverability of stores selling their products.